Honeybees 5-week Course (5-7 years old)

Course Description

Honeybees will be whipping up tasty treats by practicing fine motor skills such as whisking, chopping, pouring, mixing, kneading and rolling. Your young chef will enjoy combining different ingredients while learning how to follow directions on our specially designed graphic recipe cards. Who would have thought learning math concepts such as sequencing, measuring and problem solving could be so much fun?

We also learn about and practice kitchen safety, hygiene and nutrition as well as etiquette and how to set the table.  This course will not only help children develop an appreciation for whole foods, their self-esteem will get a big boost from completing such a satisfying task.

Honeybees will learn how to:

  • Use a can opener
  • Cut with nylon knives
  • Grate cheese
  • Crack eggs
  • Use a spatula
  • Measure liquid and dry ingredients
  • Stir and whisk
  • Knead dough
  • Use a rolling pin
  • Season with herbs and spices
  • Use a citrus juicer
  • Assemble ingredients
  • Use a timer