Growing Gourmets 5-week Course (8-13 years old)

Course Description

Growing Gourmets will experience great satisfaction from learning the fundamentals of cooking, kitchen safety, hygiene and nutrition.  Cooking good food with other young chefs is a great way to learn life skills and realize the benefits of teamwork. These skills become especially important when kids are on their own because they won’t have to rely on fast food and junk food to sustain them.

This course is also a fun and rewarding way to learn practical lessons in math, science, language and creativity. We’ll also broaden our horizons by exploring different cultures through the wonderful world of food!

Growing chefs will learn how to:

  • Peel fruit and vegetables
  • Crack and separate eggs
  • Whisk ingredients
  • Grate cheese and vegetables
  • Measure liquid and dry ingredients
  • Use a spatula
  • Safely cut with curious chef knives
  • Use a mortar and pestle
  • Prepare salad greens
  • Mix, knead and shape dough
  • Season with herbs and spices
  • Layer and assemble
  • Divide and estimate
  • Use a microwave and blender
  • Use stove top and oven
  • Plan a meal
  • Clean up kitchen once food is prepared!!!!!