Essential Life Skills

Essential Life Skills

Learn more about essential life skills!

Learning to cook allows young people to get the “hands on” practice needed to develop an extraordinary number of life skills. As an experiential learning activity, food preparation is exceptional because it equips kids with the tools necessary to experiment with how the pieces of their own “skills” puzzle fit together. In addition to culinary skills, here are a few more.

  1. It’s a great way to learn practical lessons in math, science, language and creativity.
  2. Cooking requires children to learn how to focus because it involves paying attention and remembering the rules.
  3. Critical thinking is a must in the kitchen. Based on experience, young chefs will learn how reason, plan, make choices, and problem solve. Learning these skills early on will help kids succeed at school and in their future careers.
  4. Young chefs will become familiar with following directions by completing one step in a recipe and checking back to remember what needs to be done next.
  5. Kids will learn to make connections, a fundamental part of learning in general, by categorizing all sorts of things from fruit and vegetables to vitamins and minerals!
  6. Cooking is a great way to inspire children to take on challenges, rather than to avoid what might seem too difficult. This skill can be extended to many situations in daily life!
  7. Our young chefs will practice fine motor skills such as whisking, chopping, pouring, mixing, kneading and rolling.
  8. Kids and teens will learn when, why and how they can safely use age appropriate kitchen tools and discover their own personal preferences.
  9. Evaluation of the results is another skill that’s important in everyday life. Did the end result turn out as expected? Was the quantity accurate? Did the recipe have to be adjusted? Can we think of anything we would do differently next time?
  10. Cutting skills and knife safety are essential to preparing home cooked meals. Younger chefs will use knives made by curious chef which are sharp enough to cut through food but not through fingers!