Unique Summer Cooking Programs Open Minds and Change Lives

Thank you for your interest in our summer culinary program! We’re busy getting ready for a great summer in 2013, so if you’re trying to decide what your kids will be doing in their time off, you’ve come to the right place.

So roll up your sleeves, feel the dough between your fingers and get ready to slice and dice at the Kids sweet and savory summer program. Our hands-on workshops focus on cooking from scratch using fresh, seasonal ingredients and time tested culinary techniques.

Whether your child is interested in becoming a head chef or simply a maker of a mean pesto sauce, Around the World in 12 Hours, Super Science and Edible Art Camps are a wonderful opportunity to expose your child to new foods that encourage them to expand their culinary palates and can serve as an ideal entrée to culinary pursuits! We hope you’ll join us this summer. Remember, cooking lessons are lessons for life.

Early Bird pricing until April 30th

Edible Art:

Take the art of cooking to another level and create masterpieces for your mouth! Join us for some sweet classes where we’ll explore the secret world of confections and learn tricks and techniques to help you decorate like a pro. Our classes include cupcakes, cake pops, cookie decorating and more!  Let your creativity run free and design fabulous edible art you’ll want to share with family and friends. Join us for a week of scrumptious imagination and you’ll be your own Cake Boss in no time!

“It was really fun and taught different tricks and techniques. The things we made were super cute and delicous” – Piera Zemlak (Edible Art Spring Break Camp)

Super Science

Did you know that scientists and chefs have a lot in common? Spark their interest in our kitchen chemistry camp! We’ll explore the science behind the food we eat by conducting fascinating experiments which we will then recreate with a delicious “hands on” recipe. They’ll learn how make super bubbles, find out how balloons blow up by themselves, and discover why we can turn liquid into rainbows. Watch your little chef’s eyes light up in the wonder of discovery with engaging and hands on fun!

Around the World

Exploring the world through food can lead to a lifetime of amazing discoveries! Join us for a “hands on” culinary adventure and experience authentic cuisine from Italy, Greece, Asia, France and Mexico. You’ll learn important tips and techniques so you can recreate your new recipes at home to share with family and friends. Bon voyage!

Online Registration

Receive 10% off your second child’s registration fee. A discount code will be sent to you in the confirmation email of your first registration. Please note, this offer is only valid for multiple registration by one parent, please do not share codes. Not valid in conjunction with early bird pricing.

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What to Wear and Bring Along

Be sure to send your child to Cooking Camp with comfort in mind. Campers should wear closed-toed indoor shoes, tie back any long hair and bring a reusable bottle for water.  Please bring any kind of storage containers that have a seal tight lid, for example Tupperware. Campers can then bring home any delicious creations not eaten in class to share with you at home. Thank you for your help in reducing wasteful packaging such as styrofoam containers.

If Your Child Has Food Allergies

Please let us know in advance if your child is allergic to a certain food. We provide a nut free environment.

Class Recipes

Everyday our reusable, easy to follow recipe cards will be provided to each group for the day. After your last camp day, you will be given a link to  all the recipes we made in class for the week which you can then access online. This way we can help the environment by eliminating paper waste.

Children Attending Alone

If your child will be coming to cooking camp alone, please let us know and we will make every effort to introduce them to other young chefs. Cooking camps are a great way to meet new friends since there is so much collaboration within groups and lots of fun and interesting topics to talk about.