Birthday Party FAQs

Q. What time should we arrive?

A. Please arrive 5 minutes before your party starts to give us a chance to meet you and your child as well as to answer any last minute questions. Guests can arrive at the same time. If guests are late, party will get under way a maximum of 10 minutes after planned start time with late arrivals joining in when they get there.

Q. Should we bring a cake?

A. Bringing in a cake is optional as cupcakes can replace a traditional cake. We have a nice cupcake stand for guests to display their creations. Add some candles and you’re all set! If you prefer to bring a cake, we supply boxes for guests to take their cupcakes home.

Q. Can we bring extra snacks?

A. We allow snacks that are peanut and tree nut free.

Q. Do we need to bring beverages?

A. No, we provide a delicious fruit punch for the guests.

Q. Do we need to bring cutlery and plates?

A. No, all cutlery and plates are provided.

Q. Do you provide boxes for guests to take home their cupcake?

A. Yes

Q. When is the balance due?

A. The balance is due on the day of the party, but may be paid in advance.

Q. Can the parents of guests sign the waiver on the day of the party?

A. Yes, we supply waivers at the front desk for parents to sign.

Q. How many adults are able to stay for the party?

A. We allow a maximum of 4 adults to stay during the party.

Q. Do you accommodate children with allergies?

A. Please advise us as early as possible of any allergies so we can ensure a safe environment for the birthday child and/or any of your guests.

Q. Does the number of guests include the birthday child?

A. Yes

Q. Is there time allotted for opening presents?

A. Yes.